The Others

During the 60's garage/beat boom, The Others dispensed lethal, mean, molten, blues-drenched R&B rock to kill for. While other similarly inclined practitioners gave up and went looking for proper jobs, Ian Nancarrow kept the flame burning, decade in and decade out. The Others are now a national treasure, still roaring away with incredibly accomplished and convincing blues rock garnished with great, growling vocals. May they never go looking for proper jobs! Glen A. Baker

That a unit of the ferocity of The Others has not stormed the land is truly a great shame. Glen A. Baker

The legendary Others - a cult outfit, sort of underground. These journeymen from Adelaide just keep rolling. Live to Ride Magazine

Ever seen a rock band you remember for weeks afterwards? Well, that's exactly what happened to me after I saw The Others in Darwin at the Berrimah. Live to Ride Magazine

The Beatles are unique because they dramatically changed the cap with every album. The Stones are unique because they still sound as long before. The Others are unique because they do the both: they change while keeping the best of their earlier sound! This could be guessed on their previous "Hit The Wall" album, but it's now evident on their "The Devil Made Me Do It" release.
The title track (my favorite one) sounds like reflecting the whole Others' story. When you're in it deep enough, you can first feel the spirit of the 60's, then step on the vamping guitar bridge taking you over decades to the 90's, and when vocals return, find yourself envelopped with the sound of 2006.
Transcendental rocker "Night Out On The Highway" and tradition reviving "The Best Part Of Midnight" are two more sure hits I love the most. But it's "Beechworth Special" that on April 21st, 2006 made it #1 on the Midnight Special Blues Radio charts and then stayed for three weeks in the Top 20. No surprise, though. Music is personal. If all people hear the same in the same tune, then it's a military march. If every person perceives a song as a message addressed to him or her alone, then it's the Real Music. The Others do that. Paul Bondarovski - Midnight Special Blues Radio - Paris France

The same awe accorded to the Rolling Stones for the longevity applies to these guys. The hard living and playing The Others have known is a polar opposite to a life insurance policy but to that end, these friendly menaces have not let the volume abate - or output! The Others already have gone the distance. The quintet's recordings, these days, have little more to prove - but plenty of unified enthusiasm to convey. Mike Gribble - The Adelaide Advertiser, Australia

Alongside England's The Rolling Stones, locally based band The Others must surely be one of the longest surviving bands in the history of rock music. The band has been around since the mid-60's, and have just issued their latest release in huge fashion which highlights the quintet's distinctive sound. Robert Dunstan - Rip It Up

The Others were ably introduced by a defiantly healthy-looking John Vincent. Vinnie aptly described the band as, the best rock/blues outfit in the country. They prolifically delivered no less than 30 mind-blowing numbers (then partied until 6am). Rip It Up

Hailed by the likes of Glenn A Baker as one of the country's greatest rhythm and blues bands, The Others are Adelaide's most enduring act. Lauren McMenemy - The Advertiser

The band's own original style is strong enough to break through the wall of influences they don't even try to hide. There's no weakness in being influenced by what is great, if your creative force moves you further, beyond the wall, and you discover a new sound and feel there where all the world thought nothing new can be found. This luck is reserved for those who feel different. The Others do. Paul Bondarovski - Midnight Special Blues Radio - Paris France