The Others
"Jammed tight and sweating hard, the fevered throng at the East Coast Blues Festival let The Others know that it was well worth their long road haul up from Adelaide. Like the Stones, whose record of longevity they share, these r&b titans thrive in an environment of immediate contact, feeding off the energy and driving it upwards with hot, hard, stinging licks and a blues sensibility born out of an implicit understanding of the music's essentials. After more than 50 years at the coalface they are the masters who inspire the apprentices."
Glenn A. Baker
The Others, I love the way they sound, somewhere between blues, rock and garage.
Laurent Bordier - Organizer - Le Buis Blues Festival, France

Music Downloads (Samples)

50yrs New Years Eve 2012

The Others 50th aniverssary

Inducted into AMC South Australian music hall of fame. August 21st 2015

Ian Nancarrow and THE OTHERS band