The Others

Originally formed as a duo in 1962, (First performance new years eve 1962) then teenaged Ian Nancarrow wanted to expand the sound to match his own energy and enthusiasm, so by 1964 The Others were a five piece rock outfit, ready to show the world their original take on blues/rock music.

Ahead of their time, The Others were strutting their original stuff while most of their contemporaries were simply mimicking whatever style was in vogue at the time. This determination to be true to their musical vision and individuality is in fact the inspiration behind the band's name. From the outset The Others played a different brand of music to the rest of the bands around and have remained true to that musical philosophy ever since.

In the world of Rock'n Roll, surviving 10 years is unusual, 20 years is a massive feat, but to keep going for as long as The Others have is staggering, to say the least! 

The band have survived countless long road trips (with the associated incidents, smashes and, of course, a few serious parties) let downs, break ups, personal tragedies, impossible schedules - in fact all the traumas and dramas a band may experience. Despite these setbacks, the music has remained the driving force, and coupled with enthusiasm and belief, The Others have endured to become truly iconic legends of Australian music.

For over 50 years the band have played all around the country, in cities and towns, stadiums , pubs, clubs and dives with a consistent enthusiasm and obvious passion. With music becoming more and more polluted by the mighty dollar, it is refreshing to see a band remaining true to its roots and values. The Others have always done things their way and this independence and self belief still shines through.

But the story certainly doesn't end there. More recently The Others have made more then twenty appearances at major Australian music festivals including: East coast blues and roots festival, at Byron Bay, NSW; Bridgetown blues festival, at Bridgetown, WA; Blues on Broadbeach, QLD; Threadbo blues festival, in the Australian Alps.

Points Of Interest

Logo created 1964 signifying "had a good time - gone too far"